4 points to note in the unipole billboard installation site

unipole billboard installation-900x675

1. Check the underground environment before the large outdoor unipole billboard is selected

In order to avoid problems in the later installation of large billboards, can be in the choice of billboard construction site, check whether there are underground pipelines and cables, surrounding the "no construction" sign.

2, Check the unipole billboard installation of soil texture

The soil texture of billboard construction site will affect the construction method of large billboard foundation earthwork, underground precipitation selection method, slope release coefficient, slope protection (retaining wall) treatment method and other foundation construction.

3. Check whether there are obstacles above the construction site of large outdoor unipole billboard

To ensure that the construction of unipole billboards carried out smoothly, do not affect the lifting of billboards, site selection but also to check the construction site above and around the cable, high voltage line and other obstacles.

4, Estimate the effect of outdoor billboard installation in advance

After determining the billboard construction site, it is necessary to design and install the effect diagram on the actual construction environment first, judge whether the selected construction site is suitable for installing t-shaped two billboards or triangular three billboards, so as to ensure that the installed advertising space can be effectively applied.