How to choose the right outdoor advertisement

As a media parallel with film, television, print and radio, outdoor advertising has the characteristics of continuous and stable release time. However, with the increasingly fierce market competition, there are a large number of outdoor advertising companies, and it is difficult to integrate media resources, which has caused great difficulties for many enterprises that want to use outdoor advertising for brand promotion. How should companies place outdoor advertising? Here, BIGTREE summarizes the company's tips for promoting outdoor advertising.

Many cases show that efficient outdoor advertising delivery requires accurate assessment of outdoor media and reasonable delivery plan for broadcast content. It is the premise of efficient use of outdoor advertising to select outdoor advertising content and arrange media schedule reasonably.

In addition, the reasonable placement of outdoor advertising is closely related to the purpose of enterprise placement. In order to highlight the strength, establish a strong brand image, establish a brand leadership, it should be selected in the city center or key areas of the release; Such as a brand in the national important city of railway stations, bus stations and other important areas of outdoor billboard advertising, so as to improve the brand's public awareness, enhance the brand contact degree.

Except for the purpose of advertising, but also fully understand the target audience, the advertising information dissemination of the object. Including the audience target intuitive feeling, visual impact and the impact of public opinion. The particularity of outdoor advertising also requires us to consider billboards, advertising approval, advertising frequency, average daily flow, lease period and other factors.

To convey information and strengthen brand exposure frequency, you can choose sidewalk billboards, highway billboards, bus stops, etc. For opening, celebration, promotion and other special activities, we can flexibly use outdoor advertisements near the special place, such as bus body advertisement, bus shelter outdoor advertisement, light box advertisement, lamppost outdoor advertisement, gantry advertisement, neon light box advertisement etc.

In short, BIGTREE believes that outdoor advertising, as one of the media forms with high arrival rate, strong visual impact and long display time, has its unique communication advantages and is an indispensable means for enterprise brand promotion.