Analysis of the advantages of the advertisement of the new light box bus shelter

Now the new shelter is generally popular, because of its wide distribution and huge audience, more and more advertisers have received the favor and love. So what are the advantages of the new light box advertising shelter? Bigtreebillboard thinks, want to understand its advertising advantage, should understand its product characteristic above all, so what characteristic does new shelter have?

Analysis of the advantages of the advertisement of the light box in the new bus shelter

First of all, the shelter (with light box) than the size of the ordinary shelter even larger, and the bay type shelter style in the majority; The appearance design is more fashionable and beautiful than in the past. The color of the outer frame of the new light box is optional, and the LED at the top can also scroll to display subtitles. The middle part of the shelter is a large rolling advertising light box, and the bottom is generally designed with column structure, which covers a small area and is convenient for daily maintenance. New shelters are more conducive to the beautification and lighting of the city; The classification of the new type of shelter is clear, with a separate light box; The new shelter provides a comfortable and safe environment for the public. In addition to the ceiling, seats, there are also places to put up public welfare posters and newspapers.

After understanding the characteristics of the new light box advertising products under the shelter, let's analyze its unique advertising advantages:

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