Outdoor billboard light source uses different advantages

Under the growing trend of outdoor billboard equipment R & D and production technology, the light source in the billboard lighting design project has played a role in lighting and shaping the image of the billboard. Let's take everyone to learn more about it!

outdoor billboard

At night, the outdoor billboards can not only continue to play the role of advertising promotion, but also can make the outdoor billboard equipment more dynamic and customizable in the form of external lighting and lighting in the light and dark changes. And three types of self-illumination.


(1). Features of external lighting used in large billboard lighting

External lighting is mainly used for the lighting of outdoor billboards. Generally, 400 watt metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and high pressure lamps are used for outdoor large billboard lighting, but due to different types and different series of lamps, illuminance and chromaticity. It is also different. Therefore, in the lighting treatment of billboards, it is necessary to determine the type and quantity of lamps according to the size of the area where the billboards are installed. At the same time, when adjusting the illuminance and chromaticity of large billboards, the transmission angle and range of the billboard lighting fixtures should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the construction site. After the completion of the construction, the outdoor large billboards should be tested on the spot at night. Adjust the brightness and chromaticity of the billboard light source according to the surrounding environment.


(B). The use of internal lighting in the light box billboard light source

The internal lighting is commonly used in light box billboards. The fluorescent light tube is used as a light source in the light box. When installing, it is necessary to adjust the installation pitch of the light according to the light transmittance of the Hong's sea light box advertising panel material.


(3). Features of self-illumination in neon signage light source

The neon signboard light source is a relatively common form of outdoor advertising in self-illuminating advertising media. The lamp material is red material and lime material, but since the brightness of the lime lamp is lower than that of the red lamp, Neon signage night light source processing, the construction staff must design the neon drawing requirements and the primary and secondary relationship, with the appropriate material of the lamp.