How much do you know about the innovation of outdoor billboard production?

For the production and production of some current billboards, the universal application of outdoor billboard equipment in both urban and rural areas is commonplace. Let’s take a look at the technology of Hangzhou Bigtree Advertising Project.

 outdoor billboard

With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's access to high-quality services, and the emergence of the Internet era, which has emerged, is related to the rapid spread of LED technology. Nowadays, due to the cost reduction, there are countless large and small LED screens in cities around the world, so that some advertising companies are promoting their big screen simulcast schemes in order to win more customers. Walking to New York's Times Square, Abu Dhabi Ferrari Park, is used by creative advertising screens.


While the tree advertising engineering equipment is being updated and developed, the technology based on these devices is also developing. Recently popular mobile ad delivery technology. By letting the movement of the led screen, one is to make the outdoor media that cannot be understood better, to avoid only a small number of people to see it, on the other hand, to let the user "turn a blind eye" to the outdoor media, here Can not be seen can be seen elsewhere.


With the popularity of the Internet of Things, advertising is a simple and economical method for businesses that place outdoor billboards. Because he can collect a lot of data and analyze the data image, which directly affects the audience of the advertisement, the receiving time, etc., which is also a new exploration for the manufacturers of such advertisements, so as to provide better machinery for the advertising equipment users. The perfect blend with the display.