How to correctly purchase the three details of digital LED billboards

As the demand for LED billboards continues to rise, manufacturers of all sizes are also involved, especially due to high price factors. The following is a technical consultant from Hangzhou Bigtree Advertising Project to explain in detail some important details about the purchase of digital LED billboards.

First, the digital led light

For the LED electronic display, the liquid crystal tube can be said to be the most important in the entire display device, and its cost can generally account for half of the cost or even about 70%. Therefore, usually when the construction party lists the plan to the customer, it will also write the configuration of the display device and so on.


2. Digital LED billboard steel structure

For the display structure, its proportion in the overall cost is basically the same as the driving method. But in the configuration of the equipment, there is also a wealth of knowledge. For example, on the cabinet of the device, some devices are simple chassis, and some seemingly simple but waterproof chassis. For different types, their difference is mainly reflected in whether they have the back door and the thickness of the box.


In addition, in the choice of structure, whether to choose modular splicing, or whether the light board is directly fixed on the box board, there are many differences. If it is modular, it is more convenient to disassemble because it is more convenient to disassemble. If the box board is directly fixed, it is obviously necessary to improve the maintenance of the equipment.



After-sales service for digital LED billboard equipment is often a place we can easily ignore. Maybe a lot of users will think that if things are adjusted, they will get it. And sometimes listening to the dealers flicker, what our equipment is good, basically after the sale is the cloud. Therefore, the post-sales itself has been put up. But in fact, due to the troublesome disassembly of LEDs and high technical content, it is obviously more important in the after-sales process than ordinary ordinary electrical equipment.