How to make a large outdoor three-sided billboard

With the rapid development of the economy, the update of industry and technology is accelerating, and as a large outdoor publicity equipment - three-sided outdoor billboards will be an important step in this innovation. The following is the editor of Hangzhou BigTree Advertising. Let me explain it in detail!

outdoor billboard

The three-sided billboard is a new type of billboard technology, which itself is composed of a single triangular prism arrangement. Rotating through the motor in the billboard, because each triangular prism itself has three sides, so that we can technically rotate these triangular prisms to form three images. In the original advertising position, two additional advertising space is added. The advantage of this is that the utilization area and the use space can be better expanded, thereby solving the problem that the multi-picture cannot be displayed, and catering to the greater demand of the market.


So how to get a more detailed understanding of the working principle and structural stickers in the process of making three-sided billboards, Hong Hai Xiaojun takes you into the three-sided structure and the principle of use:


The first is the issue of advertising, which is relatively simple. We want to print the three advertisements to be printed according to the arrangement area of the triangular prisms, then arrange the triangular prisms neatly, and stick the printed inkjet advertisements firmly on the triangular prism with strong adhesive. (Note that only one side can be glued here, and the bonding of the three paintings should be in a uniform order.) Then separate the triangular prisms. This is repeated three times and it is complete.


Then there is the problem of the rotation of the triangular prism. There are three common forms of flipping, a form of wave flipping, and a flipping form of the curtain. The current mainstream form is a wave flip. Because of this, it does not cause too much work load on the motor inside the billboard, and it is not easy to malfunction. However, since the flipping is not synchronized, the technical requirements are very high.

Finally, the installation of the triangular prism is a problem. When we put the triangular prism on the main body. It must be noted that each of the triangular prisms must not be reversed or misplaced! It must be carefully checked after installation, because if a triangular prism billboard is wrongly installed, it will directly affect the effect of the entire billboard.