Big tree advertising and partner to establish an unparalleled relationship

Blip Billboards is a marketplace where advertisers can buy as many or as few digital billboard spots as they want. This innovative marketing approach allows for advertisers of all sizes, and with a wide range of budgets to purchase time on digital billboards across the country. With the purchase of a bigtree billboard, operators who opt-in to Blip can receive an upfront reduction on their billboard purchase price based on a Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) and the length of their contract with Blip.

outdoor billboard

As an example, a billboard location with a DEC of 50,000 that accepts a three-year contract for Blip’s services would get a nearly $20,000 reduction in the cost of a new bigtree digital billboard, regardless of the billboard’s size. In addition to the price reduction, The bigtree Advertising Plan reduces sales tax, and provides ready-to-go advertising from the first day of installation.


“bigtree is known as the industry leader in digital outdoor manufacturing,” said Brent Thomson, Founder of Blip. “With their reputation for quality billboards and a broad base of customers, we feel this partnership provides a great opportunity for Blip’s advertisers and expands the number of boards available to them. This exclusive arrangement will provide the best service to Blip’s customers and outdoor advertising partners.”


The bigtree Advertising Plan is immediately available on the next 50 billboard orders that opt-in.