Outdoor billboards will be the media of the new era

In recent years, with the emergence of new technologies such as digital technology and mobile Internet, it has brought great impacts on outdoor media, and it has also brought huge opportunities. Next, Xiaobian will explain the main contents of outdoor billboards in detail.

outdoor board

media still have some risks caused by the rectification of the government. There are often many approved billboards, which are ordered to be dismantled without expiration. This includes factors that regulate the imperfect laws of outdoor media. With the improvement of industry regulations and laws, this situation will be gradually resolved. At the same time, from the perspective of urban operation, outdoor advertising is operated as a public art project. The government's monitoring of outdoor advertising sites will become more and more strict.


Second, the form of diversity

In the future, outdoor media will continue to apply in depth with electronic technology, breaking through a single plane of information communication, making outdoor billboards "activate" and outdoor media begin to diversify. With a dynamic large screen and a digital video network playback system, we have a display stand made with 3D holographic imaging technology. With the popularity of VR technology, more and more outdoor billboard owners are trying this kind of interaction. Multidimensional way.


Third, the media graft

Broadcasting has gradually evolved into semi-outdoor media in the form of car media and store background sounds. In almost every region, local music traffic stations have received a large amount of advertising and high advertising prices, which include taxis, private cars, and public transportation. A series of outdoor transportation media such as cars have turned broadcast media into "semi-outdoor" media.