High-speed outdoor billboards

The expressway advertisements are mainly represented by outdoor single-column billboards. At present, what we see in the major highways all over the country is the huge T-shaped billboards that are built on the roadside. Let's take a look at it!

 outdoor billboard

The huge traffic volume of the expressway every day and the potential advertising effects that may be attracted to it attract many advertisers to spend huge amounts of money on highway outdoor advertising. On average, there is a billboard every 600-700 meters, which shows that the outdoor advertising on the highway is very attractive.


There are two main forms of outdoor advertising on expressways. One is the more common ones that stand on the roadside, and the other is the use of billboards along the highway facilities, houses and bridges.


T-type billboards, also known as advertising towers, are the most common forms of outdoor advertising on the expressway. The height of billboards ranges from 10-20M. The billboards are mostly double-sided and three-sided, with an area of 108 square meters and 140 square meters. This kind of billboards are equipped with night lighting equipment, which is an all-weather advertising medium, so the communication effect is welcomed by advertisers. Its shortcomings are high in construction costs in the initial period, require frequent maintenance, and are of a single form.