what are the factors that cause the deformation of the outdoor billboard steel structure?

With the continuous development of science and technology, we know that the main structure of outdoor billboards has been deformed. What causes this situation to happen? Here are some reasons for you.

outdoor billboard

1. The deformation environment generated during the long-term high temperature use environment, the use of excessive load (overload), improper handling of the structure caused by collision, impact, will lead to structural deformation.


2, steel materials, a small number of materials from the steel mill may be affected by unbalanced thermal processes or other human factors such as hot-dip galvanizing, so the material should be inspected before the structural components, correct deformation, do not allow beyond the delineation of materials The range of deformation.


3, artificial damage deformation outdoor billboards in the later use, due to changes in the surrounding environment caused by the deformation of the billboard steel structure. For example, the excavation of the surrounding deep foundation pit causes the billboard to be tilted and deformed, and the satellite receiving antenna is arbitrarily installed on the billboard steel frame, causing the bending deformation of the rod.


4. Deformation caused by welding and flame cutting The steel structure of outdoor billboards is mainly welded on site, improper selection of welding parameters, improper welding sequence, and welding is the main reason for welding deformation. The welding deformation has bending deformation, distortion, distortion, wrinkles and convex and concave deformation.


5. Deformation caused by transportation, stacking and installation During the construction of outdoor billboards, due to the limitation of the site, the lifting position of the steel frame is improper, the stacking site is not flat, the stacking method is wrong, and the temporary support is insufficient after installation, especially for forced installation. The steel structural members will be significantly deformed.