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The 5 Best Advantages of outdoor led advertising screen!
2021-04-22 16:18:06

In the era of information explosion, the attention of consumers has become more scarce, and the carrier of information transmission has higher requirements. The outdoor media carriers of one-way information transmission, such as column advertising, light box advertising and bridge advertising, can no longer meet the demand of the market.

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How to build a billboard
2021-04-20 15:27:37

Outdoor advertising is one excellent way to attract people to your business, but it’s not something you can do without putting a lot of thought in it. Every billboard you see along the road has had a lot of thought and careful design put into it. 

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How to Rent a Billboard Space in a Recession of 2021
2021-04-19 16:32:40

Advertisers are the same as you and me – they just want to make money. As long as you do not lose sight of that fact, you can rent almost any billboard. But it’s all about dollars and cents.

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New led billboard lights
2021-04-15 16:23:13

LED Billboard lights are specialized flood lights with optics designed to light up a billboard from a top or bottom placement. What makes these lights special is the optics that have been developed to accomplish this. Creating an optimal lighting pattern from only a few short feet away from the bill board requires engineering, And LED Billboard lights deliver.

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How much does it cost to build a billboard?
2021-04-14 17:12:38

This question comes up a lot when people think of the beginning stages of billboard construction. And, if you’re planning on doing this with a smaller team, it’s good to be aware of what you may need to fish out.

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Why more and more people choose outdoor light box signs?
2021-04-13 17:48:53

Outdoor light box signs production because of cheap cost, easy to make the body, highlighting the theme, bright and striking, variety, good characteristics of publicity by the user's love. The following advertising company Bigtree for you to briefly introduce the characteristics of advertising light box signboard production.

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